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Convex Mirror

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Update on 14/November/2022
Convex Mirror in BD - trimatrik

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What is Convex Mirror?

convex mirror is a type of mirror that is shaped like a cone. This makes it perfect for parking spaces because it can be easily installed in a pinch. A regular mirror will not fit in your space as well, so if you have an extra parking spot, go for a convex mirror.

A convex mirror is a curved mirror that causes objects to appear smaller the closer they are to the mirror. This occurs because the light reflecting off of the object is bent more as it approaches the mirror. Convex mirrors are often used in security systems and as driving mirrors in cars.


While choosing the ideal convex mirror may initially appear impossible, the process becomes much simpler if you are aware of your needs and the location of the mirror. At Trimatrik Multimedia, we have access to a wide variety of convex mirrors. See our buying guide below to determine which convex mirror will suit your needs the best.


The type of convex mirror that will work best for you will depend on where it is placed. Recognizing whether you require a convex mirror for indoor or outdoor use should be one of your first priorities.

Where are Convex Mirrors used?

The Convex mirror is of good quality and may be utilized in a variety of settings. It can withstand the inevitable bumps and crashes, making it perfect for public sector institutions like police stations, military facilities, or fire stations. These mirrors are also appropriate for large, difficult-to-maintain spaces like parking lots, shopping malls, or industrial zones. Distribution and logistics hubs like warehouses, bus terminals, and airports would benefit from the hard surface where vehicles might collide with the mirror.

Indoor Convex Mirror 

The Interior Convex Mirror is one of the most popular choices for interior mirrors. Convex mirrors are ideal for indoor environments, whether at home or in a warehouse, school, or another similar setting. These convex mirrors, which come in a range of sizes, can be mounted immediately on a wall to provide immediate benefits for your space. These convex mirrors work well in a variety of settings and are ideal as security mirrors in storefronts because they make it easy to see around bends or corners.

Convex interior mirrors are ideal for indoor use and are ideal for shop security
Convex interior mirrors are ideal for indoor use and are ideal for shop security

Outdoor Convex Mirror

There are several choices for outside mirrors, but one of the most well-liked convex mirrors is the Curved Shape Roadside Convex Mirror. Again, these convex mirrors have a plastic backing and an acrylic front, making them lightweight and always simple to install. The SeeClear Roadside comes with a bracket for mounting them straight on a 76mm pole OR to a flat wall, unlike interior convex mirrors. Because of this, these convex mirrors have a significant advantage over other mirrors and can be applied in a variety of settings. Customers love the Trimatrik’s Roadside Convex Mirror, which is great for use on country roads to find homes’ secret entrances.

The Trimatrik Highway Convex Mirror is ideal for rural locations where visibility may be poor around hills or bends
The Trimatrik Highway Convex Mirror is ideal for rural locations where visibility may be poor around hills or bends

How big of a mirror do I need?

There are several sizes to pick from for the majority of our convex mirror selection. When buying a convex mirror, there are additional factors to consider besides a price increase. First off, you can see more the larger the convex mirror is. A larger mirror is required to ensure that you can see well if you are far from the side of the road where the mirror is mounted. A simple guide to the range that a typical convex mirror size will cover is provided below.

Two very different urban and rural areas

What kind of mirror you ultimately choose to use may also depend on whether you are putting a convex mirror in an urban or rural area. The aforementioned acrylic convex mirrors are perfect for rural regions because they are less likely to be vandalized and there is generally less vandalism there. The acrylic convex mirrors will function well if you live in a remote region, but you should be aware that they are not unbreakable.

The Trimatrik’s Convex Mirror is a slightly more durable option that would be great for metropolitan settings. These convex mirrors have undergone extensive testing and can withstand all types of vandalism and impact from a variety of objects, including pebbles and weathering. They are made with a stainless steel front and backing. Additionally, the Trimatrik Steel Convex Mirror is offered in a range of sizes, as well as an indoor or outdoor model, and in a number of different sizes. Although the cost of these convex mirrors is more than that of the acrylic-style mirrors, they offer more performance for the money.


Parking Lot Mirrors

As the sun slowly sets in the sky, one sees a vast amount of parking lots across cities. The sizes and shapes of these lots vary, but all have one common theme: mirrors. In many cases, the mirrors are placed in strategic locations around the lot to evenly reflect sunlight onto drivers’ windshields and help them see their car in the reflections. In addition to providing a view from behind, mirrors can also be used as decoration or to create an accusing stare for “bad guy” drivers who park in strategic spots.

Latest Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh 2022

There is a lot of debate around the price of convex mirrors in Bangladesh. Some people believe that the mirror prices can range from 11,000-30,000 taka, while others feel that this range is too wide to be useful. For those who are curious about what the mirror prices might be in their country, here’s a look at some key facts:

  • The mirror is made from a durable plastic material and it can be reused multiple times.
  • There are different sizes and shapes of convex mirrors available on the market. This means that there is no need to buy a specific size or shape if you’re not interested in using it in a particular scenario.

Parking Security Convex Mirrors price in Bangladesh 2022

Parking security convex mirrors price in Bangladesh can range from around 11,000-22,000 taka. The prices of these convex mirrors depend on their varying size. If you wish to buy a larger mirror, you would need to spend more money. You should know about the parking security convex mirrors price in Bangladesh to formulate a budget to equip your parking lot with good quality convex mirrors. Some places where you can buy these mirrors include Parking Solutions,, and Parking Mirrors Online. offers free shipping on orders over 50,000 taka, and offers a 5% discount on orders of 10 or more mirrors on Website Pricing. Parking Mirrors Online has a wide selection of sizes and shapes of parking convex mirrors available for purchase. When choosing a parking convex mirror, it is important to consider the size and shape that will best suit your needs. The price is also an important factor to consider when making your purchase. With a little research, you can find the perfect parking convex mirror to help keep your parking lot safe and secure.

Road convex mirror price in Bangladesh 2022

The road convex mirror price in Bangladesh is variable, with some models costing as little as 11,000 taka and others maxing out at 35,000 taka. The disparity in price is due to the different sizes of road convex mirrors; generally speaking, the larger the mirror, the more expensive it will be. That said, road convex mirrors are well worth the investment, as they can help to prevent accidents by allowing drivers to see around corners and obscured areas. Bigger mirrors are typically used on busier streets, while smaller ones may be sufficient for less traveled roads. Ultimately, the decision of which size to buy will come down to budget and traffic volume. By being aware of road convex mirror prices in Bangladesh, you can make an informed decision about how best to equip your roadways.

Latest Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror price in Bangladesh (BD) for November, 2022

The indoor and outdoor security Mirror price in Bangladesh can range from around 9,000-25,000 taka. Installing these mirrors will help you not collide with things and prevent accidents. If you want know about the indoor and outdoor security mirror prices in Bangladesh, please visit our official website, maybe you should buy some of them to get a better view of the surroundings.